Messages of Support From The Commonwealth Keep On Coming

Jul 09, 2014

Dr Charmaine Gardner, St Lucia:

“Saint Lucia welcomes the launch of the Queen’s Young Leaders’ Programme as a
meaningful endeavor to identify, nurture, train and develop the young generation of the Commonwealth towards the achievement of their undoubted potential in the advancement of our societies. The wealth of talent which they possess is without limit and the peoples of the Commonwealth Caribbean and Saint Lucia in particular intend to take full advantage of the benefits that this programme will provide”.

Message from Shahriar Alam MP, Honourable State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh:

“I express my heartfelt appreciation to the British Government and all the sponsors of the ‘Queen’s Young Leaders Programme’ for this noble initiative. I hope that young people of Bangladesh would make  the best available use of this opportunity, transform their lives into stories of successes and eventually contribute in nation Building.

I also urge the young leaders of Bangladesh to come forward to support such initiative by all means. I wish this Programme success.”

Sharonice Davinnia Busch, NANSO Secretary General:

“On behalf of the Democratic Republic of Namibia, as a Young Leader of our State allow me to congratulate Her Majesty the Queen on the Queen’s Young Leaders Program.
24 Years into Namibia’s Independence marks a history of our country having joined the Commonwealth of Nations as a Member in 1990, 24 years ago.
In Namibia the age group 15-34 constitutes the largest segment of the country’s population rendering Namibia a very youthful nation. Namibian youth stand proud to state it’s young people have always stood behind the principles contained in the Commonwealth Charter – democracy, rule of law and human rights. Youth leaders in Namibia have made invaluable contributions at both national and international platforms.
Namibian youth acknowledge that our generation is faced with a unique set of challenges and we recognize that the growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.

I call on my fellow Young Leaders from Namibia and the rest of the Commonwealth Member States to apply with vigor and zeal to this program. Not everyone agrees that leadership can be taught but all know that leadership can be learned, and through such programs we can produce the finest leaders that are able to transform the vision of the Commonwealth and ensure that the challenges we as Young Leaders face are dealt with the tenacity and capacity it requires.”

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