Messages of Support Flood In from The Commonwealth

Jul 09, 2014

As the Queens Young Leaders programme launches at Buckingham Palace today, messages of support for the initiative have been coming thick and fast from across the Commonwealth.  Here’s just a few of them:


The High Commissioner of Malta, Norman Hamilton:

“Our youth present our hope towards a better future; our aspirations for a better world. They are the assurance that what we have started today, will be built upon, enhanced and augmented. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s workforce, tomorrow’s driving force and tomorrow’s fulcrum of society. In supporting our youth today, we are not only ensuring a better legacy, but we are also paving the way towards achieving what we believe is right. Towards building a sustainable tomorrow. Towards addressing our challenges of tomorrow today. Bearing this in mind, Malta welcomes and commends the establishment of the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme as a concrete measure towards supporting our young people and contributing to their development.”

Prof. Peter Katjavivi, Chief Whip of the ruling party SWAPO, MP, and Namibian focal person for Commonwealth. Country Representative for the Trust:

“I wholeheartedly welcome the important initiative by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust and its partners, the Royal Commonwealth Society and Comic Relief, to encourage and recognize young people across the Commonwealth with the view to empower them, so that they help themselves in achieving their goals. I hope young Namibians will take full advantage of the Queen’s Young Leaders Programme and use it to improve themselves and in the process contribute to the wider goals of our country’s developmental endeavours. After all, the young people are our future.”

Sello Hatang, Head of The Nelson Mandela Foundation, South Africa:

“The Queen’s Young Leaders Awards recognise and celebrate young people who are making a difference in the world.  And the difference they make is made possible precisely through attributes fundamental to Nelson Mandela’s legacy – active citizenship, responsibility, hard work, and a passion for social justice.”

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