We are looking for more mentors

Mar 21, 2018
Hannah Donovan

The mentor matching process is well under way at Leading Change!

Every one of this year’s 400+ mentor applications has to be read and assessed for fit with this year’s Queen’s Young Leaders. In total, the team at Leading Change make a minimum of 660 individual matches for both long-term personal matches and the 1 Hour advisory sessions.

Help us fill in the gaps! We are looking for more mentors with skills relating to:

  • Food Banks or Food Security
  • Navigating Power Structures
  • Finding Network Allies
  • Diplomatic and Activist Collaboration
  • Politicians and Political movement starters
  • Scaling Businesses
  • Fundraising
  • Mental Health
  • Coaching in work/life balance
  • Child Psychology
  • Preservation of indigenous and traditional language
  • Entrepreneurship (located in the Pacific Islands, in one case a mentor who speaks Kiribati)

Apply here, or contact us @ leadingchange@ice.cam.ac.uk


Our mentors are experts who volunteer their skills and experience to support young leaders with social, cultural or environmental projects.

Personal mentors commit to a one-to-one mentoring relationship with a Queen’s Young Leader award winner – sharing advice, experience, and networks.
Advisory mentors help Queen’s Young Leaders tackle specific issues, as and when their skills and expertise are required.

Our mentors have described mentoring Queen’s Young Leaders as “inspiring”, “an honour” a “great privilege and learning experience” and “an experience filled with hope, aspiration, and love for humanity”.

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