Meet the young Zambian’s striving for change

Mar 14, 2016

Zambia 2

In recognition of Commonwealth Day, the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations, we are launching The Queen’s Young Leaders Grants Week. Throughout the week we will profile projects that have received a grant from The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme to support their work with young people.

Today we are focusing on Zambia, where three projects were given grants: BONGOHIVE INNOVATIONS LIMITED, RESTLESS DEVELOPMENT ZAMBIA, BBC MEDIA ACTION and ACTIONAID ZAMBIA. 

Zambia is a youthful country, with approximately 74 percent of its 14 million total population under the age of 30. Each of the chosen  projects are improving the lives of young people  by providing them with opportunities to learn new skills, enter employment and give them a voice in their communities.

ACTIONAID has received funding to support its Firestarter Initiative, which provides small grants to community youth groups who may otherwise not receive training, mentoring and funding opportunities, to enable them to turn their ideas into established projects for change. Meanwhile BONGOHIVE is being supported to provide a hub with office space and practical business support for those starting their own businesses. Lastly, RESTLESS DEVELOPMENT has received a grant to help it to train young people to champion the important role they have to play in bringing positive social change within their communities.

Action Aid

The Action Aid team

“ActionAid Zambia is thrilled to be awarded a Queen’s Young Leaders Grant to continue our work with young, vibrant youth organisations,” Caroline Elliot, Head of Programmes and Policy at ActionAid, said. “It will support them to participate in decision making and ensure that decisions made are relevant to the needs of young people and reflect their innovation and creativity. Through this support, young people will be able to actively engage in a society that takes into account their needs.”

“We have no doubt that this partnership will strengthen the breadth and depth of the entrepreneurial community in Lusaka and across Zambia,” Mike Murray, Business Incubation Lead at BongoHive, added. “A larger number and a wider variety of start-ups and small businesses in Zambia leads to more jobs, greater household incomes, healthier people and communities, a broader based economy and tax base resulting in a more resilient country.”


Benefiting from the work of BongoHive

Find out more about The Queen’s Young Leaders Grants programme here.

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