Meet Firhaana Bulbulia, Queen’s Young Leader 2016

Jul 08, 2016

Firhaana is the founder of Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies. In August she launched a project called Breaking Barriers which aims to overcome cultural and social barriers some girls face in accessing education and gaining employment.

Fihaana’s motive to start her organisation came from her frustration at the lack of opportunity and spaces for Muslim women to engage within the community. “It is definitely a challenge that hinders our ability to progress or develop further.”

There are many ways in which Barbados Association of Muslim Ladies helps Muslim women in the community. This includes the Educate Girls Campaign, which holds fundraising events to offer financial assistance to girls who want to enter a tertiary education. 

One of their next upcoming projects is a career showcase. The aim with this is not only to present to girls within the community what career options are available, but also conduct a workshop teaching them about the necessary skills to help achieve these careers.

Firhaana also talks about her aspirations for a more inclusive society in the future of Barbados  “What I hope for the future of Barbados is that we become a society that is more inclusive and embracing of all identities as our own.It’s important to recognise that there’s nothing wrong with a society that is made up of different people.”

When talking about the impact of the Queen’s Young Leader’s programme, Firhaana has found the programme’s ability to connect young people around the globe most beneficial and says “The best thing about the Queen’s Young Leaders programme is the ability to connect with so many young people throughout the Commonwealth who are doing work in diverse fields.”

Firhaana is one of 2016’s recipients of a Queen’s Young Leaders Award. The Award, which was presented by Her Majesty The Queen in June, is part of The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme, and celebrates the achievements of young people who are taking the lead to transform the lives of others and make a lasting difference in the communities.

If you, or someone you know is doing exceptional work in your community, applications are now open for the Queen’s Young Leaders of 2017. Visit

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