Introducing Queen’s Young Leaders Mahnoor and Tian

Apr 04, 2018
Hannah Donovan

Each week we are introducing you to the 2018 Queen’s Young Leaders, sharing their stories and celebrating the incredible work that they are doing in their communities. Take a look at last weeks post featuring Wen Shin Chia from Malaysia, and Haroon Yasin and Hassan Mujtaba Zaidi from Pakistan.

This week we are getting to know Mahnoor Syed from Pakistan, and Tian Sern Oon from Singapore.

Mahnoor from Pakistan

24302369_1570456803046637_5229467137232807579_oMahnoor supports underprivileged people in her community.

Her start-up Spread the Word began by partnering with seven schools to provide extra-curricular workshops to students on issues such as bullying, child abuse, mental and physical health. It now has 300 volunteers from all over Pakistan. Mahnoor has also collected money and books to secure the creation of two libraries in Lahore, and has raised funds to sponsor the education of 24 children from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend one of her partner schools.

In addition, she has partnered with an organisation called Khwajasira Support to fundraise for the vocational training of 50 transgender people. At the same time, she has worked with the Barkat Foundation to arrange health camps run by doctors in 15 deprived areas.

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Tian from Singapore

24302025_1570471993045118_3461423203693283598_oTian is using technology to help people access mental health support.

He is the founder of Acceset, an online platform for people to discuss mental health issues and seek help anonymously. Tian previously spent three years on the management committee of Audible Hearts, an online peer support mental health network. During his time with Audible Hearts, Tian and his team worked alongside professional counsellors and trained volunteers to offer support to young people who were not yet ready to seek professional help.

Tian is now working to compile a directory of social service organisations in Singapore, to make it easier for those in need to find the right professional help.

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